Adventures in gardening

For years I have wanted to grow my own fruits and vegetables but it never seemed the right time. I did try on a few occasions to grow things in pots but it never really worked out.

When we bought our current house with it’s private back garden that gets loads of sunlight I started looking into what we could grow and where in the garden to put it. Somewhere along this journey I came across Rocket Gardens. They’re a company that provide seedlings curated into little pre-planned gardens. I loved the idea but was still torn on what to get and where to put it. I’ll admit, part of this was the thought of digging over part of the garden or building a raised bed, neither of which I felt I had the energy to do.

Then, I think it was just after Christmas, their catalogue arrived in the post and suddenly it contained something that solved not only the problem of what to get but also where to put it. They were bringing out little all-in-one children’s garden planters (unfortunately theses are currently absent from their website). So we used some of the boy’s Christmas money and ordered one.

The boy’s have loved it so far. Everything came inside the planter so we just had to set it up. It included the coir block (just add water to make the soil), plant food and all the seedlings needed. So now we have gem lettuce, spinach, rocket, beetroot, tomatoes, strawberries and green beans all growing happily. 

Or, they were, we’ve eaten most of the lettuce, spinach and rocket and the birds have been enjoying our strawberries which we’ve replanted in a separate area and covered with a net. There was also an incident where Shreddies thought he would harvest the, still green, tomatoes for us so we’re waiting on them growing back.
There is nothing quite like garden fresh produce and the kids love looking after their little plot themselves (and I quite like the smug feeling of telling people about it all). Next year we’re planning to grow a little more, probably more salad leaves, tomatoes, strawberries and maybe try a few autumnal crops as well. 

Do you grow anything?

Take care


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