I love studying. I love learning new things. So for today’s Working it Wednesday I’m going to share with you what I’m currently studying.

My big thing right now is nutrition, specifically children’s nutrition but I’ll take anything related to the subject however vauge. I’m not currently doing any new studying on this topic but I have gone through quite a few Coursera courses recently that I still have notes to write up for. 

Yes you read that correctly, I’m technically done with the online course for which I get no credit and I still want to write up notes to consolidate my learning. I’m a wee studying freak.

Anyway, I have notes to finish for my Child Nutrition and Cooking course courtesy of Stanford University. Also Stanford’s Health Across the Gender Spectrum. Then from the University of Copenhagen I have The New Nordic Diet. Seriously, if you want to learn something new and have a couple of hours a week to watch videos you should check out and all their lovely free courses. 

I also use Future Learn when I have a bit more time as their courses have more reading and focusing involved. My most recent course from there was Childhood in the Digital Age. However, like the Coursera courses I still have notes to write from there.

These are little short-term courses that take a couple of weeks and don’t amount to much. However I am also working on a course from OfCourse on British Sign Language which has more practical applications. Like Coursera it’s videos so I usually do one every few days and re-watch it for a few days before I move on. It’s probably going to take a couple of months to get through.

Even longer term than that I’ve been improving my math skills with Khan Academy. Math has always been my weakest subject so I choose to start right back at the beginning with preschool math. So far I’ve made it to 3rd grade with no issues but that probably won’t last much longer. Again it’s mainly videos so I do them at night while lying beside Shreddies trying to get him to sleep. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn him into a mathematical genius. 

So there you go, if you ever see me out and about and wonder why I’m staring at my phone there just may be a chance I’m watching a video or reading some course work. 

What about you? Are you studying anything? Or wanting to learn something new? Let me know in the comments.

Take care


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