Mum tip Monday

Just a quick tip to share today as I have a pressure headache that’s causing severe inner-ear problems.

I recently discovered that my kids won’t touch Ritz crackers whirl I love those salty little bites of goodness. Not that I would give them to the kids because of the salt but that wouldn’t stop them asking.

Anyway I’ve taken to standing at the snack cupboard (also the baking cupboard) and eating them out of the packet from there. So when a child comes in and asks me what I’m doing I say “Eating mummy crackers,” and off the go again safe in the knowledge that mummy isn’t having anything interesting. One day they will be observant enough to also notice the open jar of chocolate spread on the she that I’d been dipping said crackers into. Today however, was not that day and I got to enjoy my salty, chocolatey snack in peace.

Do you have any tips to pass on? What’s your secret snack and how do you hide it from others?

Take care



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