Why won’t you just eat?

Dear Shreddies,

I love you. I really do. But my oath child you test my patience some times. 

Especially when it comes to food. You love breakfast; cereal, breakfast biscuits, toast, yoghurt, you will happily eat them all day long if we let you. The problem, dear child, is that you won’t eat much else. Oh sure if it’s sweeties or crisps or chicken nuggets from a certain fast food place you’ll happily munch but actual food? Unlikely.

Don’t get me wrong, some days I seem to get it right and you eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner that are all different. But other days you seem to survive on half a bowl of soggy cereal and whatever snack foods you can swipe off your brother. It is vexing. 

Tonight you happily pulled your bowl out the cupboard for dinner but when presented with it and it’s portion of mushroom risotto you didn’t even look at it. You were quite happy to steal my mango smoothie ice lolly though and then take my strawberry one when you’d finished (so much for mummy having a treat after dinner). So it’s not that you weren’t hungry.

I think you just have an incredibly sweet tooth that you feel you must satisfy as often and as deeply as possible. Hence you’re favourite reply to “What do you want for breakfast/lunch/dinner?” is the simple “Cake!”
None of this would really be a problem, not really really except for one thing. One little problem we have that is worrying your mother quite a bit. You see, my sweet boy, you have been wearing the same size trousers for over a year. That’s kind of uncommon for a 2 year old but given they were too long and are now all a bit short, probably okay. Except… Except now they keep falling down. My chubby little boy has become rather skinny and I’m worried about it. I’m worried about you.

Frankly I have enough weight worry in this house between your little sister and me so I would appreciate you not adding to it. It’s not like we don’t have food that you have enjoyed eating at some point, you’ve just taken to refusing all but the sweet stuff, and breakfast. So please, please do me a favour. Eat? Just eat more than a bowl of cereal and a few crackers each day. Throw in an apple, a couple of those ridiculous pink yoghurts you love and maybe a tiny bit of whatever we’re having for dinner? Please? Please? For me? For you? 

With all my love,



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