Make it happen Monday

First Monday of a new month!

Starting with last month let’s see how things have gone.

Well, first of all I bought some new trousers except they don’t quite fit. So still working on changing my size. I stopped the fitness challenge I was doing and changed to doing a proper post natal exercise routine as I posted on Friday. I’m doing okay so far but I keep missing days.

As for food, we’ve been eating a lot of junk lately 😦 and I keep forgetting to make up my oats and then scrambling for breakfast in the morning. But we’re all drinking mostly water, though Shreddies still drinks a lot of cow’s milk but he is only 2. 

This month I’m hoping to keep that all going plus finishing or almost finishing a crocheted blanket I’m making as a thank you for my aunt. Partly because I’ve been working on it for ages and need to give it to her and partly so I have time to work on Biscuit’s blanket before the cold weather hits and she starts to need it. 

I’m also trying to really push my studying. I love studying and learning new things. I recently did a few courses on Coursera that I still need to write up notes for so I’m hoping to get at least one course worth finished this month so I can start looking for new courses to keep me occupied. 

Are you doing anything new this month?

Take care



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