Fitness Friday – Summer fitness challenge

This actually kind of blew up my Facebook when I posted it almost 3 weeks ago but it’s taken me a while to get around to posting it here properly.

While sorting out clothes I found a pile of jeans, shorts and such that just don’t fit. All pre-pregnancy stuff that I haven’t yet been able to get back into. There were 10 items in totally that just didn’t get up over my bum or did but wouldn’t fasten comfortably or not.

So I announced on Facebook how annoyed I was about this. Then I added that not only was I going to try hard over summer to fit back into these clothes but for every item that still doesn’t fit by the time Porridge starts school (Aug 15th) I’ll donate £10 to charity.

Many people were a bit worried that I was going to be pushing myself too much as this basically amounts to dropping 2 dress sizes in 9 weeks. However most of the work I need to do is not loosing weight (though dropping an extra pound or 10 wouldn’t hurt). Most of it is healing my separated stomach muscles (diastasis recti if you want to get technical). Basically my stomach muscles pulled apart when I was pregnant and they haven’t come together properly yet. Mostly because I stopped doing my physio exercises.

So I’ve been doing Sara Haley’s 4th trimester dvd workout for the past 3 weeks to help bring things back together and hopefully fit back into most of those clothes. So far I know at least two items out of the eight now fit; a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts.

I’ve also started to cut down on the amount of junk food I’ve been eating, particularly fizzy drinks and sweets. It’s all adding up bit by bit so hopefully I’ll be able to pull my muscles back and then I can focus on loosing some of my jiggle.

When I started this back on the 10th of June I took the pictures below so I could have some kind of visual of how much my body has changed. Next week I’ll be about halfway through my challenge so will show you some more up-to-date pictures and share some struggles and tips as well as an accurate count of what now fits.

Are you doing any fitness challenges this summer? Or do you have a regular fitness routine you’d like to share?

Take care.



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